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Frequently Asked Painting Questions

Looking for answers? We have them listed below.

There can be many reasons for this. Often times contractors are quoting on slightly different scopes of work. This means that they have interpreted the project differently when discussing it with the client. It is very important that each quote provides a detailed overview of the project scope, the areas to be painted, the prep work planned, the product to be used, and the number of coats. It is also important to understand if the contractor is licensed, has a prepaid contractor’s license, has business liability insurance and is bonded. Worker's Compensation bureau or WCB Insurance is also important. Often times lower price contractors do not provide an adequate level of protection for the client. Beware of "lowball" proposals. Often times contractors will go in low and try to collect more throughout the project. A good contractor will give you an all-in, lump-sum price that is guaranteed not to change.

Latex paint is great because it dries fast and doesn't smell as strong as oil based paint. However, they do take longer to cure. Curing occurs when all the moisture has evaporated from the paint leaving it hard and durable. Typically the curing process is 3 to 4 weeks but can take up to two months in rare situations. Curing time depends mainly on temperature and humidity. Higher humidity extends curing time. Lower temperatures extend curing time. If you just painted the inside of your home use fans to increase air movement and lower humidity. Change humidity setting on your thermostat. 

Paint takes about four weeks to fully cure. During this time you do not want any moisture to come in contact with the walls.  In bathrooms, keep showers short and always use the fan. Open doors as soon as possible to reduce humidity. Do not touch the walls if you can avoid it. If it is necessary to wipe a wall do it with a dry cloth only. After 30 days dirt and debris may be removed with a mild cleaner and water. 

Here's a trick, take a cloth and dab it with nail polish remover. Take the dampened cloth and rub it on the painted surface. If the paint is easily removed it is typically a latex paint. If rubbing the painted area doesn't affect it then it is probably an oil based paint. Make sure you test in an inconspicuous area.

That depends on the project but both will do a good job in most circumstances. As technology has advanced, water-based acrylic paints have plenty of advantages including easier cleanup. High quality latex paint also typically have better resistance to fading compared oil based paints. Latex paints have better adhesion on more substrates. However, There are certain circumstances where in oil base paint is a better choice. If you were still not sure, let us know your specific situation and we will help you decide.

You can but you need to properly prepare the surface first. The surface must be sanded to a dull finish first. Then a primer needs to be applied. This primer should be designed to cover an oil-based product and allow a latex product to adhere to it.

All surfaces need to be clean before painting. This means scrape or remove any peeling paint first. Then clean any grease or debris from the surface. Patch all cracks and holes using spackle. Allow spackle to dry then sand smooth. Remove all sanding dust and you were ready to start painting. Apply new caulking in joints where needed and allow to dry completely before painting.

 Please note that if the surface to be painted is shiny or glossy it should be sanded to a dull surface before painting. This will ensure the new paint will adhere to the surface much better.

You can paint vinyl or aluminum siding for a much lower price than replacing it. If it is still structurally sound but the colour has faded then painting is a great option. Note: If you're siding is still under warranty, check with the manufacturer to ensure that painting it will not void your warranty.

The first step will be to prep the surface. This is the most important step. On vinyl siding you want to remove any dirt and debris. This can be done with the pressure washer or by hand with warm soapy water. Never use sandpaper or a wire brush. On aluminum siding use a pressure washer or light rubbing with steel wool works great. If mildew is present use a water and bleach solution (3 to 1). Before painting make sure all dust, dirt, and bleach solution is removed. After the siding is dry you are ready for paint. Make sure to use a high-quality paint. 

Important note: never paint vinyl siding darker than the original color. Darker colours absorb the heat from the sun more and will cause the vinyl siding to warp. 

There is a huge difference between cheap paint and quality paint. As with any product, you get what you pay for. High-quality paints have more key ingredients and those ingredients cost money. These key ingredients will help the paint last longer, provide better durability, provide a better finish, cover the old paint better, and provide a better painting experience. If you spend a little more you will save a lot in the long run. Don't make the mistake many do – start with a quality paint.

Exterior paint is designed specifically for outside. It stands up better to ultraviolet light and temperature changes. Interior paint is designed to be wiped and has a sheen designed for the interior. If you were thinking that exterior paint is more durable rest assured that they make a durable interior paint to fit your needs. We can help you find a great solution.

These paint cans do not contain a primer. True primer is sold separately. The paint and primer in one contain a paint with ingredients that will adhere to most substrates without the use of a separate primer. In many situations, these paints will work great without a primer but there are circumstances where primers are a must! If you're unsure, ask us and will help you decide the best solution.

You want all surfaces to be dull before painting. Glossy surfaces repel and will reduce adhesion of the new paint. Sand all glossy services to a dull finish then you can apply the new paint.

These stripes are called lap marks. They are created when rolling paint is done incorrectly. It is important to maintain a wet edge throughout the entire wall. To smooth out the paint evenly on the wall it is a good idea to paint in a V, W or M formation. Then just before you dip your ruler again, roll gently from top to bottom to smooth out any ridges. Higher quality paints will lay down better and typically offer a more uniform finish.

The square footage listed on the paint can is an ideal calculation and does not take into consideration leftover paint in rollers, brushes, and containers. It also does not take into consideration the thickness of coverage applied. Sometimes thicker coats are necessary during colour changes.

Lead paint is not used anymore as it was found to be cancerous. It is no longer for sale and you will rarely see this paint around anymore. Homes that were painted before 1980 should be inspected by a qualified inspector to ensure the paint on the walls is lead free before the surface is sanded and disturbed. 

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