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Residential Exterior Painting 

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Residential Interior Painting

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Commercial Exterior & Interior Painting 

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Calgary Residential Commercial Painters
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Interior Painting Process

Interior Ceiling Painting:

 First we lay down polly and drop sheets to protect the home in preparation for the ceiling painting. Then we begin the painting process by spraying and rolling all ceilings - one person sprays and the other rolls back. If there is fresh drywall, the first coat will be primer. The process followed by 2 coats of specialty ceiling paint. There are times when cutting and rolling a ceiling only is more effective. The optimal solution can be discussed during the consultation.

 Interior trim, casing, and door Painting:

 Depending if this is a repaint or new construction we will either spray out the baseboard, trim, doors, casing and doorways or they will be brushed and rolled. It all depends on what the client wants. We discuss the different options in the consultation. New wood will get a prime coat before the top coats are applied. Typically, the paint on the baseboard, trim, doors, casing and doorways could receive 2-4 coats to ensure a smooth uniform finish. Between coats, additional time is put into blemish repair and caulking.

 Interior Walls:

 Walls are usually the last element of the project to receive paint. Before the walls are painted a pole/disk sander is used to sand every inch of the walls to remove any protruding flaws. Then we use a dust mop to mop the walls and vacuum the area removing any leftover dust that may affect the paint. We start painting by cutting in all the edges then roll each wall. Before the second coat we go through the home again with a handheld spotlight to ensure we haven't missed any blemishes. If there are any blemishes they will be spackled, sanded, cleaned, and primed prior to the final coat. Finally, the top coat is applied to reveal the new beautiful look.


Exterior Painting Process

Exterior Painting Set up and Prep:

The average homeowner may be concerned about accessing the roof or reaching the highest peak on their house but rest assured, Can Do More Painting is fully equipped, willing, and able to go up to the highest peaks to get the job done. We have many different variations of ladders and scaffolding but also use man lifts where necessary to get the job done safely and efficiently.

When starting an exterior project we perform a site walk-through and determine what is stored in our work trailer and what is stored neatly on the property. Prep begins with sanding and scraping to remove any peeling paint to ensure maximum adhesion for the new paint. The whole time being sure to keep site relatively clean and tidy. Preparation is the most important part of painting simply because it improves the paints ability to adhere properly and also aids in a beautiful seamless finish. A major portion of our time is spent on the step. After this level preparation is complete we move into the second level preparation which is priming all fresh wood if the property is being painted. After all the fresh would has been properly sealed we move on to the painting process. We leave the site all materials and product are return back to home base in orderly fashion at each day's end. Dust and debris are swept and vacuumed.

Exterior Painting:

A typical paint job calls for two coats so each area will be cut twice and rolled twice. However we tend to use more paint on the exterior meaning 2 1/2 to 3 coats. A little inside joke in our company is two coats for the summer coat and then extra coat for the winter coat. After the painting is complete we examine the entire property a couple times in search of deficiencies. We also clean any windows that have dust and debris on them. 


There really is no job that is too big or too small. We have been hired to paint a simple babies nursery and we have been hired to paint multi-million dollar condo complexes. For a large new build or renovation we are able to deploy a team to ensure the project is completed on time. However, some jobs may benefit by spreading the project over a time frame. For example, one condo complex needed the exterior painted and we recommended breaking up the complex into six sections and painting a section each year. This allows the costs to be spread out and we visit the condominium complex each year for painting. The complex wanted to be on a 7 year painting rotation to ensure the condos are well maintained so, once we are finished painting the 6th section we start from the beginning the following year.


Painting Surfaces

Specialty Surfaces:

No matter what the painting project is… we can help!  We have experience in all elements of the home painting from drywall to concrete or wood and metal, we are able to work with any paintable surface. We are technical painting experts with experience with exteriors and garages to the finer finishing of woodwork and cabinetry. 

We can transform and protect all areas and surfaces of your homes interiors such as ceilings, walls, closets, baseboards, door, casing, window and door trim, kitchens, cabinetry, railings, furniture, and garages. Weather the surface is wood, metal, plastic, or something not mentioned, we will recommend the ultimate solution. 

We have you covered for all aspects of the exterior of your home as well on areas such as siding, facia, soffit, drainage, window trim, doors, stairs and railings, decks, fences, furniture, concrete floors and walls, all metal surfaces, rubber, stucco, plastic, and all forms of wood.

Painting Metal Surfaces:

No matter what type of metal you plan to work with preparation again is very important. Some metals are galvanized and need pre-treatment in order for paint to properly adhere to the surfaces correctly. We use a wire brush or various sanding agents to rough up the surface of the metal and/or remove rust. Then we wipe off the surface using a damp cloth to remove all the dust. Next we prime the metal using a special rust-inhibitor metal primer immediately after this preparation to discourage flash rusting. On previously painted metal doors, we sand down any glossy paint and wash any oily residue off the metal. The paint chosen depends heavily on the type of metal you are painting and many other project details. If you are painting an aluminum surface, then a water-based acrylic paint should be used. For copper and bronze surfaces, you use an oil or acrylic paint. During our consultation we will determine the best paint to use and application process. 

Vinyl Siding Painting:

When painting vinyl it is imperative as in any surface to clean it properly.  We begin with a full pressure washing of the home and wiping areas as necessary.  The most important thing to remember when painting vinyl is that you can only paint vinyl a lighter shade than its current colour. If you paint the surface darker the vinyl will warp.


Lacquer is used in many forms. Many people are unsure of what lacquer really is. The definition of a lacquer is “a liquid made of shellac dissolved in alcohol, or of synthetic substances that dries to form a hard protective coating for wood, metal, etc.” We are experienced with using lacquer to cover many areas of a home’s interior such as wood trim, doors, windows frames and sills, and furniture.

Lacquer comes in oil based and water based and now a hybrid combination of each. There are pros and cons to each depending on the project characteristics. We are experienced in using both so we will work with our clients determine the best solution for their project.

Painting Types & Methods

Stucco Coating and Painting:

We have had plenty of experience in dealing with stucco.  Using the right products and application techniques we can ensure that your stucco will be durable and retain its colour.  We begin by filling cracks using stucco-compatible caulking and in other situations where there is significant damage we will repair the stucco using a stucco repair product. Before painting we pressure wash the stucco to remove any dirt or mildew. If the stucco has never been painted, we start painting while the surface is still damp. This allows the paint to penetrate the stucco better while both are drying. The drying process pulls the paint deeper into the stucco. Just after the stucco is sprayed, a second painter comes behind with a thick roller loaded with more paint and rolls over the sprayed area. We use a thicker roller because they hold a lot of paint and better enables the paint to work its way into the uneven texture of the stucco. These two applications work together synergistically to produce a more even look and better protection for the stucco. The final top coat is then applied for ultimate protection and a beautiful uniform finish.

Spraying Methods:

If you want your project sprayed – we are the team. We love spraying and the results are awesome! The process begins by assessing what will be sprayed and what will be protected. Once that decision is made we use poly, tape, cardboard and masking paper to protect everything that we don't want paint to come into contact with.  When spraying different products it is important to remember that preparation is the key to a great finish. Every aspect of the process is taken into consideration. Depending on the surface to be painted and product chosen these factors can change significantly. Different pressures must be adjusted and gauged as well as the choice of fan in the tip of the gun. Once you have factored the pressure and fan distribution you evaluate distance from the gun of the sprayer to the material you are painting or lacquering and which angles to best spray it at. This is a very technical aspect of painting. We are master painters with lots of experience and at times it requires multiple passes to get it just right. When this is achieved the results are beautiful. 

Spray, brush, Roller:

Spraying, brushing, and rolling are three very unique skills. Our team is comprised of experts in these areas. There are many projects where multiple painting techniques are required.  On an interior project, spraying leaves the nicest finish but requires more prep work to protect the surrounding areas. When a home is full of furniture this option is not always a good option. On an exterior project, spraying on surfaces such as stucco helps to get the paint into all the tight areas but it is important to “roll back” to ensure paint gets into all the tight crevasses. On siding, spraying helps to apply the product quickly but it is mandatory to brush or roll back so the paint is forced into the wood grain. Brushing and rolling are used on every project and we have experience with so many brushes and rollers made in all different shapes and sizes and from a variety of materials. During our FREE consultation we can discuss the various methods and decide which option is the best for the project.



Feature Walls

Faux walls / Textured walls:

Faux painting or faux finishing can add a decorative element to any room. There are many different types of faux finishes. For example: Bricking, Ragging, Striping, Plastering, Faux Wood Grain, Concrete-ing, and Sponging. Faux finishing takes much longer to produce than a typical wall so the cost is much higher; as a result, they are typically used as accent walls. During our FREE consultation we can discuss all the options available.

Texturing is common for interior ceilings but can also be done on walls. Common textures are Popcorn, Splatter/Orange Peel, or Knockdown. Popcorn is the least expensive and hides the most imperfections. Splatter is in the middle and Knockdown offers the most premium finish. We work with our clients to determine the best solution for their needs.


Mural painting is an art! Many mural artists have different specialties and the cost can range dramatically. Depending on your budget and desires we can help you find the right solution. We don't do not paint murals in house but we will work with you to locate the right artist! 

 Additional colours / feature walls:

Some painters say they charge for additional colours or feature walls and some say it is all included. The fact is that it does cost more when you add colours because you have to use more tools and equipment plus there is more left over paint. There's a small charge for the additional colours but that is all worked in to our lump-sum price. If a client is debating on feature walls we are happy so separate that in the quote to help in the decision making process.

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We strive to be the most credible painting company in Canada, we work hard to build the highest level of integrity, honesty, and trust with our customers. We have earned the trust and respect to be represented by these high-level companies below. Currently, we are the most credible and highest-rated painting company in all of Canada.

We strive to be the most credible painting company in Canada, we work hard to build the highest level of integrity, honesty, and trust with our customers. We have earned the trust and respect to be represented by these high-level companies below. Currently, we are the most credible and highest-rated painting company in all of Canada.

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