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Selling your home? We contacted veteran Calgary Real Estate Agent Roland J. Darel, who discusses whether painting before you sell can be beneficial and other tidbits that can make not only a sale quicker, but yield top dollar for you. We all know there are a number of things you can do to help and assist with the sale of your home. CLEANING is number one! Before anything else...CLEAN! Staging and sprucing up will also give you an extra edge over competition. One of the easiest and biggest transformations you can make is by painting. Paint is one of the most cost effective yet highest impact updates you can make to your home before you list. Below, Roland shares insider tips on how painting can help bring that excited buyer in! 

1. Curb Appeal

Before anything else, a potential buyer is looking intensely at the exterior of your home and the entire curb appeal. Already at this point they're envisioning themselves living here and if it is not in great shape and appealing many will simply leave without even booking a showing. Don't lose them here! This is why it is essential that your house's exterior and grounds look the absolute best it can. Everything should be clean and tidy, grass cut and make sure it's healthy and green. Brushes, trees and bushes trimmed neatly. Your front door should be welcoming. Many cultures put an extreme amount of emphasis on the front door.  Painting your front door an attractive colour takes very little time and provides a budget-friendly update. There are many exterior paints that work well in our Calgary climate, Chad and Camille will very happily help you pick the right one. Adding the special touches with planters and flower pots filled with colourful flowers that compliment the front door and overall exterior help dramatically, it instantly says this is a warm and welcoming home.

2. Buyers Don't Want Work They Just Want To Move In

Although some buyers find painting their new home fun, the majority of new buyers truly do not want to have to deal with it. Most Calgary home buyers are looking for the turn-key perfect move-in condition home. Moving is stressful, buyers already have enough to worry about and at this point they simply want everything to come as easy as possible. Can Do More Painting will take the hassle out of the job for you and complete it all with the highest of quality professional painting at affordable rates.  A professional paint job by us will have all potential buyers saying, “Best of all, we wouldn’t have to paint like the other house we looked at"!

3. Focus On Quality and Colour

Painting is one of the least expensive yet highest impact updates you can make to your home before you list. There really is nothing like a freshly painted home. Paint affects so much, nothing can change a home from dismal to beautiful like new paint can. Paint also affects moods and emotions for all of us. The right colours can simply help someone want to buy your home over the next. Iv'e seen it happen, I cant tell you how many times it's come down to two perfect homes for my clients and the quality paint/colours has made the difference. EVERYTHING is first impressions, like I mentioned earlier.  It's not just high traffic areas either, like your foyer, hallway, kitchen and family rooms. It is also the quite dens/offices, kitchen nooks and sitting areas that a professional paint job shows it's true colours. Picking the right colour is crucial, always stick with warm earth tones when selling, everyone loves them. White is typically a no no at least to most of my clients over the years. Sometimes it's just to bright and moms and dads with small kids cringe as soon as they see a white wall! Also, as much as you may love a yellow or deep purple bedroom it is not the way to go when trying to sell. It will turn off more then it will attract. ask your trusted REALTOR® for help with this. We show hundreds of houses and want to get you as much as possible as quick as possible.

4. Sometimes Theres Just Too Much Wood

Wood finishings are beautiful, most people would agree with this statement and would cringe at the idea of painting over natural wood. But sometimes there can just be too much of it. We see this a lot in homes with tons of Oak. If your house has wood floors with matching trim and doors, wood kitchen cabinetry, wainscoting, stair railings and other trims then you’ve got too much wood going on and has been a major factor when deciding between a few houses to purchase. By simply painting your kitchen cabinets, trim, baseboards and stair railings, you will set a huge but beautiful differential between all the wood. There is nothing like a beautiful white trim, staircase and others. It will brighten up your home make it look classier, bigger and newer. You will receive more buyer interest and a higher sale price. Word of warning though. If you're the handyman kind of guy and would like to tackle this DIY project, please take your time! Kitchen cabinets, star railings and trim are much different then painting a flat surface wall. We have seen people with good intentions do way more damage then good buy taking this task on. Potential buyers will see the sloppy mistakes, so again take your time or call us, we are true professionals. 


Buyers are going to determine if your house is worth seeing by the photos they see on real estate listings, so it’s important that painting is complete and you prepare your rooms for picture day. Can Do More Painting, are happy to partner with you and your REALTOR® to prepare your home for the photos. We have been doing this for 10 years and we are happy to provide a FREE consultation and FREE estimate to get you one step closer to the sale. Plus, because you hired us to paint your current home for listing, we will help with the new home that you're purchasing. If your new home does not meet your painting expectations, Can Do More Painting will provide a discounted price to paint your new home. We love our customers and want to show you how dedicated we are to you.

Should I Paint The Exterior Before I Sell?

Below is some insight into the minds of buyers and sellers that I have collected over my 15 years of being a Calgary and area real estate agent. As a professional agent  I have walked into, sometimes, over 100 houses in a month. I listen to hundreds of buyers a year scrutinize the homes we are walking through. This will hopefully give you an insight into what buyers are expecting. We have done this so you know how buyers think. The more information you are armed with when it comes to selling your home, the better. We want potential buyers to fall in love instantly, this will teach you how to avoid scrutiny, and hopefully make those potential buyers not look at anything else! 

Scenario 1

Condition your house is in - It was painted 20 years ago, and nothing has been done since.

If the home it self is a desirable property and neighbourhood as-is; meaning; is it a home that would be better investing money into now or would it be beneficial to tear down and re-build. If it is desirable as-is, heres what buyers say when they see it - "It does need work, painting it will certainly help, but do we want to spend the time and effort, I just don't LOVE it, so maybe we keep looking" 

Again, if it is in a desirable neighbourhood where remodelling is evident and not re-building, then it would be considered a classic, established and mature area and by spending the money to freshen up the paint by professional Calgary and area painters will help you fetch top dollar. Pick colours that not only match the home and neighbourhood, but also create a warmth and charm in the home. Paint beautiful earth tones that most people find appealing. Can Do More Paining will help you find beautiful colours and just the right amount of paint required to help your home sell.

Scenario 2

Condition your house is in - It was painted 5 years ago. Or its brick/Vinyl or another material that doesn't need frequent painting.

What buyers say when they see it - "It's nice, but it is lacking curb appeal, theres just "something" missing. let's see some other houses too." 

What to do about it - Either rent a pressure washer & DIY, or call Can Do More Painting to have them pressure wash it for you (about $300-$400 for most homes). If necessary, they can touch up the exterior trim as well. Also add flower pots with beautiful flowers on the porch, along the sidewalk and by the garage door, flowers do absolute WONDERS. Cleanliness is crucial, not only on the inside but outside as well, remember this is potential buyers first impressions. And flowers add a touch of homeyness and beauty that can easily separate your home from the competition when it comes time to sell. 

Scenario 3

Condition your house is in - It was just painted, just pressure washed, and it sparkles from the street.

What buyers say when they see it - "The house is beautiful, love how clean it is and the flowers, curb appeal is amazing! It just feels like home"

What to do about it - Nothing. You've done a great job, pride of ownership shows! 

The exterior of your home has a direct correspondence with what buyers will think the interior looks like. When you take pride in your home, it really does sparkle. When a buyer is sold by the beauty of the exterior before they even walk into the door, you can be guaranteed that if the interior is just as beautiful you have just found your buyer. 

Keep it clean and'll always win!


Should I Paint the Interior Before I Sell?

Scenario 1

Condition your house is in -  If you have any of the following: Scuffs on the walls, water spots on the ceilings, scuffs or discolouration on the baseboards, colours other than neutral colours.

What buyers say when they see it - "Wow, these are some crazy colours"  "It's going to take numerous coats of paint to cover up those horrible colours in those rooms" "If we write an offer, we need to add a term that the house will be painted by professional painters with our colours of choice completed before possession day or a $12,000 credit back." Or we keep looking. 

What to do about it - If you want the money that your home is worth, then you need to take action. You love those paint colours, but most others prefer something different in their home and that's ok. Everyone has their own tastes. But, you need to know that those crazy colours are costing you a lot of money. The goal, is to sell your house for as much possible as quick as possible. Buyers will never put in a top dollar offer if they can't see past the crazy colours and the work needed to fix it. Do the right thing. Paint the walls, baseboards & trim. Make your house irresistible and ready for them to move in. Can Do More Paining will help you find fresh colours that sell and just the right amount of paint required to make it happen.

Scenario 2

Condition your house is in - It’s not bad, there's a few scuffs and nicks but overall it's in great condition.

What buyers say when they see it - This always depends on the type of buyer; There are the incredibly critical buyer who will write down every single dent, nick and scuff, then there's those whom it doesn't seam to really bother too terribly much at that point. But one thing in common they will have, is; they'll both take note of and down sell your house against homes that are already freshened up and perfect. Remember, buyers are spending a lot of money to buy your Calgary home and they want to know that they are making the best and wisest decision possible. I can't even begin to tell you how many times it comes down to two houses, and the one in as close to perfect shape as possible will almost always inevitably win. As a serious side note; As a professional real estate agent, when I am representing a buyer, I too even more then the buyer will be noting and pointing out all deficiencies in your home, this is my job and take it very serious,  I work for my buyer and will stop at nothing to make sure they're  happy. So don't forget you have to win over more then just the buyer!

What to do about it - Fix it! Touch up these areas, repaint the trim. Making the trim a beautiful glossy white may be all you need to make the rooms really stand out to the buyers. This you may be able to do on your own (just do it right) or call Can Do More Paining for the touch ups required to sell.

Scenario 3

Condition your house is in - Just freshly painted with neutral colours, clean lines, and it looks show home ready!

What buyers say when they see it - "Honey, this is beautiful, it's exactly what we're looking for and it looks even better then in the pictures! I think we should put the couch here, love seat there and what do you think of the T.V here? I can't believe how perfect this house is! They took such good care of it.

Once potential buyers recognize it's your home they love they'll start visualizing their furniture, pictures and placement. They're  picturing what life would be like here and not focusing on what they need to do to it and how much work or money it will take to paint. Most buyers do not want this, they want turn key and to just simply move in and enjoy their new home.

What to do about it - Nothing. Great Job! and Congratulations!

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